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4GoodVibes is excited to announce that we are now offering a One Year Membership to vendors for our Virtual Craft Fairs!

2024 Membership Price Online: $155

2024 Membership Price if you pay with Venmo: $150(little discount 🎉)

What does this membership include?

1. A spot in every virtual craft fair in 2024 (you don’t need to do them all)

2. An assigned booth # for the entire year that way you get the same booth # every event which means when people search that booth it’ll only bring up your items

3. No longer having to apply & waiting to be accepted to each event your automatically in!

4. Membership badge next to your name on the vendor list that we post each event. 🏅You can also use this badge when making post to help you stand out.

5. Automatic post approval! This means no more waiting for your post to be approved during events!!

6. Schedule your own post during events

7. Discounted rate on all the virtual events which are paid for in full at the time of this membership purchase. You save $75 with this membership.

8. Here’s what we believe the biggest perk of all is! Membership Mondays! The virtual craft fair group for all 2024 will now be open on Mondays for Members ONLY to post! Membership Monday! Members will be able to make 3 post every Monday throughout the year. That’s 52 extra days of posting year round!

9. A membership logo that you can add to your photos to make you stand out in the group.

10. During events you are allowed to drop orders off at any 4GoodVibes location for customers to pick up. We can transport the orders to the correct location. You can also ship us abunch of orders to one location so people save on shipping. You don’t need to offer this. It’s up to you but is a perk you can use!

2024 Virtual Craft fair Schedule the exact dates are not set yet:

1. January 24' ~ Valentine’s Day theme. Love is in the Air. We encourage Valentine/Galentine gift ideas & decor

2. March which will be marketed mostly for Easter/Spring

3. April which will be marketed for Mother’s Day/Spring

4. May which will be marketed for End of School Year + Father’s Day

5. Christmas in July

6. September will either be back to school or spooky themed & fall depending on the week!

7. November

8. December

What does each of these events usually cost?

January: $25

March: $30

April: $25

May: $30

July: $30

September: $25

November: $30

December: $30

No refunds.

Virual Craft Fair Membership 2024

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