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  • It is October which means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month 💖 We would like to spread awareness about the worst type of breast cancer there is that most people don’t even know it exist until a loved one gets it. Triple Negative Breast Cancer, it is different from the more common types of breast cancer. It is harder to treat and much more aggressive. Triple negative breast cancer occurs in about 10-15% of diagnosed breast cancer patients. TNBC is rare & more aggressive than other forms of breast cancer, making it more likely to spread to other parts of the body and more likely to recur early after treatment. This also means fewer treatment options are available. It also tends to have a higher rate of recurrance. It has a 40% recurrence and unfortunately if it recurs there is no cure.

    This is the type of cancer our beautiful mother lost her life too❤️

    For the entire month of October we will be posting some breast cancer items. ALL proceeds from these items will be donated to Dana Farber TNBC research department. This specific department develops a lot of the trials given to tnbc patients. Trials can buy patients months to years. All proceeds will be donated. We are taking preorders now! Thank you for supporting this fundraiser ❤️💖

    Also lets save the women.. then the boobies 😉 #fcancer #loveyoumom #missyoumom #danafarber

    Breast Cancer Awareness Pillows

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